Tuesday, 7 August 2012

POLE VAULT: How do you know if you're any good at it?

There aren't many school fields around the world with one of these twenty-foot high contraptions on them.
Long jump, running, high jump, javelin, you get to do all that business in school so you can see how bad you are at them and realise you'll never win Olympic gold from an early age.
But Pole Vault? I bet there's been some undiscovered talent at this event.

People will have gone through their lives not knowing that they were meant to be Pole Vaulters, all because they never got the chance to try it.

But why not teach it in school? Yeah, it's dangerous, but kids love that kind of shit. Although I would have deliberately forgotten my PE kit on Pole Vault day to avoid the risk of soiling it.

Why make it the only event you have to wait until you've left school to get into.

Can't throw far, or run fast? Never mind, you can still be a sporting hero by tossing yourself over a high bar from a thin, flexible stick.

Pole Vaulters of the world, share with the rest of the world the career path that leads you into this most fascinating of Olympic events.

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