Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Problem With Football At The Olympics

Sooo, the London 2012 Olympic events kick off today, two days before the opening ceremony, with football. In Wales, which I believe is a bit of a trek from London (actually, I know it is).
And there's very little fanfare accompanying the kick off. Which sums up the problem with football at the Olympics: NO ONE GIVES A FLYING / DIVING / SHIRT PULLING FUCK.
Everyone knows who won the last World Cup or the last two Euros, Spain, Spain, Spain. But few know who won the footie at the last Olympics. Spain, was it? Brazil probably.
Small wonder we're struggling to give tickets to games away.
My advice, kick out the football from the next Olympics and replace it with darts. Being the first ever Darts Olympic Champion is something a LOT of people will give a shit about.

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